Keynote Speeches

Stefan Kindermann is a distinguished and experienced keynote speaker who enjoys being booked by companies that want to underline their strategic direction. Also as a refreshing “look beyond the box” at symposia, the topics of the king´s plan are ideal.

“Intelligent Intuition – Human Trump in the Digital Age”

The ideal way to optimal decisions in critical moments and to creative solutions

All developments indicate that strategic-structural plans and processes are increasingly being adopted by sophisticated artificial intelligence. What will the role of man look like then? Where are his true strengths and his unique selling point? How do critical decisions succeed in an increasingly complex environment? Chess grandmaster Stefan Kindermann gives a lecture on these topics in a way that is as vivid as it is convincing:

  • What does intuition mean?
  • How can we better understand, strengthen and develop our intuition? 
  • In which areas is intuition suspicious?
  • How do we protect ourselves from intuitive mistakes?
  • How do you combine rationality and intuition in the planning and decision-making process?
  • How can we convincingly communicate our intuition?

Chess Grandmaster Strategies for Decision Makers

Always One Step Ahead! Thematic focal points of the lecture:

  • The Mystery of Origin – Survival Strategies for Maharajahs
  • Power for entrepreneurs – how strong chess players use their thinking in business
  • From the drama of the professional coachs – in the head of the grandmaster 
  • Combining your gut instinct and your intellect optimally – this is how you stimulate your intuition and protect yourself from spontaneous misjudgements
  • Masterly decisions under time pressure and stress
  • Courageously acting in the light of uncertainty
  • The dance with the black swan – react flexibly to dramatic changes
  • See through the eyes of the other – the power of change of perspective
  • Proper handling of setbacks and successes as a powerful engine of further development
  • Thus, managers and decision-makers benefit from the strategies of the chess grandmaster – the model king plan of chess grandmaster Stefan Kindermann and Prof. Robert von Weizsäcker

 The dance with the black swan

Dealing with surprising events and what we can learn from chess masters.

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