Basic Seminar

 Always A Move Ahead – The Chess Grandmasters’ Strategies For Decision-makers

The Art Of Changing Your Perspective – Reason And Intuition In Business

This interactive basic seminar provides the participants with a compact and universal strategy model.

It contains a whole arsenal of powerful planning and decision-making tools for practical use.

We put special emphasis on joining reason and intuition in the plan-finding and decision-making process. Very importantly, we also focus on deliberately changing perspectives, both in social interactions and in order to solve problems strategically.

We are happy to provide you with a detailed programme with all the details on the seminar on request.

In-house seminars at your company can be flexibly tailored to your specific wishes and needs.


What You Learn In This Seminar:

  • How to activate inner resources
  • How to gain clarity under time pressure
  • How to see through the eyes of others and understand their motives
  • How to create a structure and avoid planning mistakes
  • How to harmonise intuition and reason
  • How to generate powerful goals
  • How to think from the end to find new solutions
  • How to deal with setbacks and draw energy from successes
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